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Decision Tree for Choosing the Perfect Vanity Number


Last month, we published an article titled, Want a Memorable Toll-Free Number? Ask a Neuroscientist. In it, we discussed the many advantages businesses enjoy when they use an easy-to-remember vanity number. We also looked at the psychological and neurological reasons why vanity numbers are easier to remember.

As it turns out, so many were interested in the topic that we decided to create a helpful decision tree. It guides users through the process of selecting and finding the perfect vanity number for their business.

Vanity Number Decision Tree

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Craig Borowski

About the Author

Craig Borowski graduated from Colby College in 1997 with a degree in East Asian Studies. He moved to Taipei, Taiwan soon after to begin a career in journalism, publishing and translation. Craig relocated to Austin, Texas in 2008 and was director of marketing for the U.S. office of Tunze GmbH before joining Software Advice in 2013.

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