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Infographic: The Life and Death of the Analog Telephone

Analog telephony grew out of the technology of the telegraph and its history touched upon nearly all of the big technological changes of the 20th Century.


You Need to Offer Callback—Here Are 3 Ways to Get It

Our survey reveals exactly how much customers dislike waiting on hold, and what can be done to prevent their patience from running out.

Telecom industry thumbnail

The Telecom Ecosystem: 2013 vs. 2008

We analyzed Census Bureau economic data and Inc. magazine’s annual list to see what changes occurred in the telecom industry between 2008 and 2013.


4 Top Women of Telecom: How They Got Where They Are Today

We interviewed four female executives at prominent U.S. telecom companies and highlight the unique paths each took to the top.


Survey: What Customers Really Think About Your Call Center Script

We conducted a survey to see which of the scripting strategies commonly used by call centers are successful and which are ineffective.


Decision Tree for Choosing the Perfect Vanity Number

Businesses know how useful a great vanity number is, but many discover that choosing one is a challenge. This decision tree makes short work of that challenge.

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Want a Memorable Toll-Free Number? Ask a Neuroscientist

What makes some telephone numbers more memorable than others? We talked to some brain and memory experts to find out.


Google Voice: Is It Right for Your Business?

Here we speak with some Google Voice business users to get their firsthand accounts and reports of the free service’s pros and cons.

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Our Favorite VoIP Apps for Android and iOS

There’s a huge variety of VoIP apps on the market. We’ve put together this list of our five favorite, representing the spectrum from simple to advanced.

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Buy or Build: Should You DIY Your Business Phone System?

Asterisk is free, open-source PBX software that can be programmed into a DIY business phone system. But is a DIY phone system the right choice for your business?


The Landline’s Days Are Numbered: Three Experts Weigh In

Answers and opinions about the coming end to the landline telephone system from three experts with backgrounds in landline, mobile and VoIP telephony.


Our 5 Favorite Softphone User Interfaces (UIs)

There’s a wide variety of softphones on the market featuring a wide variety of designs. Here we present the best softphone user interfaces we’ve found.


How to Pinpoint Call-Quality Issues in Office Phone Systems

How to identify, pinpoint the cause of and fix the most common call-quality problems that affect business telephone systems.


Getting Started With VoIP: What to Know and Where to Begin

Are you considering switching your office telephone system to Voice over IP (VoIP), but don’t know where to start? Then you should start right here.

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6 Phone System Features Every Business Needs

A look at 6 phone system features that help businesses save time on the phone, improve customer service and operate more efficiently.

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Are Used Business Phone Systems Really a Good Deal?

While used business phone systems come with up-front savings, they also come with additional risks. So, are they really a good deal? Find out here.


A Plain English Guide to VoIP

VoIP is one of the most important areas of telephony, yet it’s still misunderstood by many. Here we explain it in the simplest of terms.

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3 Ways to Keep Your VoIP Service From Going Down With the Internet

Here we look at three strategies you can use to keep your VoIP telephone service up and running even if your Internet connection goes down.


How US Airways Delivers Proactive Customer Service Using Their IVR

Find out how US Airways enacts proactive customer service by programming their IVR to intelligently respond to customers based upon prior data analysis.

BYOD image

3 Ways Intel Gets Employees to Trust (and Adhere to) Their BYOD Security Program

We speak with Intel to find out how they implemented a BYOD policy that maintains corporate security while also preserving employee trust.